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We strongly encourage you to find resources appropriate for your learner’s needs. Websites such as NewsELA, ReadWorks, and DOGONews are all valuable resources that adapt news articles to the appropriate reading level for your student.

Lesson #1: Introduction to the Monarch Butterfly

In this activity, you will find numerous resources that connect kids (and their adults) with the Monarch Butterfly. Follow some of the links to learn how this butterfly can migrate long distances, ecological challenges they face, and how people can help from home! A short 6-min. video is included to introduce how Monarchs migrate and the scientists and conservationists working to protect this species.

Lesson #2: Symmetry and how to make your Monarch!

In this module, kids (and their adults) will encounter multiple ways to reveal the concept of “symmetry” in both art and nature! A short video clip introduces the concept, and there are links to create craft activities, including virtual painting and design. One of our favorite insects showing symmetry is the Monarch Butterfly, and we strongly encourage you to share your creations with us via social media! (Recommended K-6th Grade)

Note- This activity can be connected with a “nature walk” in your neighborhood, backyard or even a patio—see the description in the activity guide. During this COVID-19 “learn at home” timeframe, it is still possible to get outdoors (while maintaining social distancing).