My Universal Address — Where is “Here?”

As you travel through Where in the Universe is Ventura County, you will learn what your Universal Address is! Hint: It goes beyond the planet–wow! Please also find some incredible NASA resources at the end of the Sway presentation, and then look below on this webpage to learn about a free, virtual Dark Sky Festival that took place at Lassen Volcanic National Park on August 14-15, 2020.

Virtual Road Trip to Lassen Volcanic’s Dark Sky Festival!

2020 Virtual Dark Sky Festival

August 14th and 15th

You can take a virtual “road trip” to Lassen Volcanic and experience their annual Dark Sky Festival that features NASA scientists who study astrobiology, exoplanets, and also amatuer astronomers who will help you learn about planets, stars, and other objects in the night sky!

Click Here

Junior Ranger Night Explorers

Children can learn how to find the North Star, write their own creative mythology about the constellations, track the phases of the moon, learn about stars and galaxies, and use all their senses to explore the night environment at a national park.

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