Just like a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly, spring is finally here in Ventura County! The warm weather and longer days make it is a perfect time to observe animals and plants coming to life.

One symbol of spring is an insect that starts its life as a tiny egg on a leaf. This little egg then hatches into a colorful caterpillar, only eating the sap and leaves from the Milkweed plant. This caterpillar then goes through a second transformation, into a beautiful butterfly! Around California you might see this majestic orange, black and white insect called the Monarch Butterfly. Is there more than meets the eye to this brightly colored bug?

To learn more about making a Monarch Butterfly
“Waystation” at your home here are some additional resources: 

If you want to attract Monarch Butterflies to your garden in time for next fall’s migration, spring is a perfect time to plant the native-plants that the Monarchs (and other beneficial bugs) need to live.

Native-plants like Milkweed use less water and typically require less maintenance. However, check with your local plant nursery or gardener for best practices in managing a garden that attracts beneficial bugs like the Monarch.

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