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Norse Mythology

Welcome to the world of Norse Mythology! There are so many places to go and things to see. If you think Disneyland has a lot of kingdoms, it doesn’t come close to the 9 kingdoms in Norse Mythology! All of the kingdoms reside under Yggdrasil, also known as the World Tree. Watch the video below on Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds of the Norse.

The Gods went on many adventures, testing their bravery and skills.

How far would you go to gain wisdom? For Odin, the leader of the Norse Gods, eyesight was an acceptable payment. The story goes like this:

One day, while sitting upon his throne in Asgard, the home of the gods, Odin decided to seek out for himself the gifts of wisdom and memory. But, in order to achieve this, he had to drink from the waters of Mimir’s Well. Odin traveled to the land of the frost giants, Jotunheim, where the well was located under a root of the World Tree. He stood in front of the god Mimir and asked if he could drink from the god’s well. Mimir was willing, but such a treasure must come with a price. In order to drink from the well, Mimir declared that Odin give him one of his eyes. Odin deemed this a worthy sacrifice. The trade was made, and Odin drank from the well, gaining all the wisdom and knowledge of the nine worlds.

Fighting an old woman sounds easy enough, especially for a God like Thor. But not everything is as it appears. Watch the Ted-Ed video below on The Myth of Thor’s Journey to the Land of Giants.

As with every story, there comes a time where it must end. In Norse Mythology, Ragnarök is considered the apocalypse, the end of the world. Good will fight evil, both sides wiping each other out. But take heart, not all could be lost. In some versions of the story, there are survivors, and from the ashes of the old world will rise a new one. Watch the Ted-Ed video below on Solving the Ragnarok Riddle and learn more about the Norse God’s battle for the future in.

Activity #1: Who is Your Favorite Norse Character?

Based on what you learned in Virtual Learning Module #12, in the videos or films that you’ve watched or in stories that you have read/watched, who is your favorite Norse character? In a few sentences, write out why you chose this Norse character and then accompany it with a drawing of the character. You can share your drawings with the Museum by posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #MVCNorseMyth. We can’t wait to see!

Download the Activity #1 Sheet here!

Activity #2: Norse Scavenger Hunt!

Let’s explore the world of Norse Mythology together! Below, you will find our virtual exhibit George Stuart Historical Figures ® Nordic Myths & Legends. Go ahead and take look! But, keep a close eye out, brave traveler, because we have a few questions for you to answer along the way. In a new window, open the Norse Mythology Scavenger Hunt Quiz. Good luck!

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