Admission is free throughout 2023 for both The Museum of Ventura County and the Agriculture Museum.

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THANK YOU for keeping MVC FREE for ALL

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Museum of Ventura County can continue to offer free admission in 2023.

Providing free admission gives our entire Ventura County community access to culturally significant activities, events, art, and historical artifacts. Now more than ever, community connection is something to cherish.

Programming at your Museum of Ventura County is made possible by sponsors and supporters just like you.

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Educational activities and
scholarship opportunities

MVC is committed to providing educational resources and scholarship opportunities during this difficult time so families can continue to learn from the safety of their home and students can continue their pursuit of a higher education.

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Enjoy the Museum's exhibits
in-person and from home

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, you can access and explore MVC like never before — in-person and from home! Enjoy MVC's Virtual Tours or come on by to your Museum in downtown Ventura or Santa Paula.

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Submit your stories, videos, photos,
and artifacts

The Museum is working to document and preserve items and stories that illustrate how our county is working, communicating, learning, teaching, creating, mourning, and helping each other. Find out how you can contribute.

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Examine Ventura County's
historic past

You can revisit the Ventura County of the past by exploring a steadily growing catalog of digitized photographs from the collection or reading the MVC Then Blog.

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Expand your knowledge of 
local history & art

Put your community history and art knowledge to the test and take our Quizlets or piece together our new series of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles. MVC challenges you!

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We encourage you to connect with MVC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our social media channels offer access to even more content to share and discuss.

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2021 Year in Review
Museum of Ventura County 2021 Year in Review

In this review, you will learn what diverse events and programs MVC offered on-site and online, the accomplishments of our Collections and Research Library team, how we kept your Museum thriving, even in the most difficult of times, and so much more.

Read the MVC 2021 Year in Review

Journal of Ventura County, Vol 62 Number 1 – The Vote

The Roaring 20s in Ventura County. A time of excess: as population and wealth boomed, creativity grew. At the same time, there was a drumbeat of repression and exclusion. This included Prohibition, which tried to block the flow of alcohol that irrigated the decade’s flair and freedom.

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