All Museum Programs Online Until Sites Can Reopen

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back when state and local restrictions allow,
and when we at MVC have all measures in place to keep our guests and our staff safe.

In the meantime, please visit any of the links below
to find exciting and engaging online programs for the whole family.

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Educational activities and
scholarship opportunities.

MVC is committed to providing educational resources and scholarship opportunities during this difficult time so families can continue to learn from the safety of their home and students can continue their pursuit of a higher education.

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Access the museum's
exhibits from home.

During this time of sheltering in place you can access and explore MVC like never before — from your home! MVC is excited to announce a new series of Virtual Tours, including exhibits from the past to the present.

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Submit your stories, videos, photos, and artifacts to record this historic time we are living through. Participate in our Rapid Response Collecting initiative. Also find directions for the Family History Project.

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Examine Ventura County's
historic past.

You can revisit the Ventura County of the past by exploring a steadily growing catalog of digitized photographs from the collection or reading the MVC Then Blog.

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Expand your knowledge of 
local history & art.

Put your community history and art knowledge to the test and take our Quizlets or piece together our new series of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles. MVC challenges you!

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We encourage you to connect with MVC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our channels offer access to even more content to share and discuss while practicing social distancing.

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2019 Year in Review
Museum of Ventura County 2018 Year in Review

"It has been an exciting and eventful year for the Museum of Ventura county, and we are honored to share highlights of 2019 with you, our family of friends and supporters."
— Elena Brokaw,
Barbara Barnard Smith Executive Director

Download the MVC 2019 Year in Review

Journal of Ventura County
Journal of Ventura County, Volume 61

The Museum of Ventura County is pleased to announce that copies of the Journal of Ventura County's newest edition, Volume 61 containing "A Roll Over the Ranchos" and “The Wet Winter of 1884”, are now available for sale in the Museum’s store. Originally published in 1955, these stories have been updated with additional photographs and both “A Roll Over the Ranchos” and “The Wet Winter of 1884” have been enhanced with updated footnotes, including biographical information and additional footnotes to help the reader place the geographic references and the people in that long ago time.

The Journal is made possible by the generosity of Jim Holden, Linda Hadlen, Grace Brandt, and Mary Stewart. The journal is available for purchase for $10 in the museum store and the e-book version is available for purchase exclusively through Amazon.