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Discover upcoming Museum of Ventura County events and programs at both our Downtown Ventura and Santa Paula locations. From kid-centric to family friendly to educational, MVC invites our community and visitors to enjoy learning about our culture, art and history through interactive, fun experiences.


Listen to Ventura County Oral Histories

Voices of Ventura County

Voices of Ventura County Digitized Oral Histories is a remarkable collection that commemorates the rich tapestry of Ventura County’s history over the past 150 years. We invite you to participate in the stories of our community— these oral histories shed light on the County’s evolution. 


Ventura County history through digital puzzles

150th Celebration Monthly Digital Puzzles

Explore Ventura County’s history through monthly digital puzzles created using photographs from the Museum’s collection. For the 150th Celebration puzzles each month enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles featuring images from a new city. 


Ventura County,
The Place We Call Home

In honor of Ventura County’s 150th anniversary, the Museum of Ventura County (MVC) has curated an exhibition: Ventura County, The Place We Call Home, which opens Oct. 21 at the Agriculture Museum.

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150th Feast or Flop

Working with regional chefs, MVC Collections Manager Renee Tallent attempts to recreate dishes from recipes in the Museum of Ventura County’s archives. Go on a journey through our county’s history to see if the recipes are a delicious Feast or a disastrous Flop.

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Submit your photographs to be included in Ventura County memories

VC150 Memories

“VC 150 Memories” is a community-driven project that aims to celebrate and preserve the cherished memories of residents in Ventura County. Residents are invited to submit their favorite images, which will be featured in a public photo gallery.

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THANK YOU for keeping MVC FREE for ALL

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Museum of Ventura County can continue to offer free admission in 2023.

Providing free admission gives our entire Ventura County community access to culturally significant activities, events, art, and historical artifacts. Now more than ever, community connection is something to cherish.

Programming at your Museum of Ventura County is made possible by sponsors and supporters just like you.


Admission is free throughout 2023 for both The Museum of Ventura County and the Agriculture Museum.

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2021 Year in Review
Museum of Ventura County 2021 Year in Review

In this review, you will learn what diverse events and programs MVC offered on-site and online, the accomplishments of our Collections and Research Library team, how we kept your Museum thriving, even in the most difficult of times, and so much more.

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Journal of Ventura County, Vol 62 Number 1 – The Vote

The Roaring 20s in Ventura County. A time of excess: as population and wealth boomed, creativity grew. At the same time, there was a drumbeat of repression and exclusion. This included Prohibition, which tried to block the flow of alcohol that irrigated the decade’s flair and freedom.

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