Board of Directors 2021-2022

William Kearney, Chair
Richard Rush, Vice Chair
Mike Sedell, Treasurer
Jessica Arciniega, Secretary

Al Lowe
Betsy Chess
David Fukutomi
Dr. Sevet Johnson
Gabriella Navarro-Busch
Jim Scanlon
Leslie Leavens
Tom Pecht

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Special Liaisons and Advisors

George S. Stuart
Curator Emeritus

Andy Ludlum
Docent Volunteer Council Chair

Mayor Joe Schroeder
Ventura City Council

Rod Gilbert
Special Advisor

Nan Drake
Special Advisor

Chuck Cohen
Special Advisor

Community Involvement

The Museum depends on the volunteer time and talent of many dedicated community members to offer the programs and exhibits it provides each year. We welcome community members who are interested in joining our team to volunteer for one of these committees:

Committee Members

July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

As appointed by the Board of Directors in August 2021.
This list is updated annually.

Committees Of The Board

ensures that the Museum’s financial systems are audited regularly by a qualified entity to ensure that they are accurate and meet professional standards.

Jim Scanlon, Chair (Board)
John McConica
Tom Wolfe

Finance and Investment
ensures that the Museum acts as a responsible steward in managing its financial resources to accomplish its mission in an effective and efficient manner, and to adhere to all legal requirements and accounting principles to ensure fiscal responsibility and build public trust.

Mike Sedell, Chair (Board)
Asad Baig
David Fukutomi (Board)
Spencer Garrett
Rod Gilbert
Mike Kumazawa
James Lewis
Al Lowe (Board)

reviews the Museum’s leadership and management infrastructure and refines the policies, procedures and legal documents that support best practices for nonprofit organizations and ensure that MOVC moves into the future with the strongest building blocks.

Kate McLean, Chair (Board)
Jessica Arciniega (Board)
Sue Chadwick
Banks Pecht
Bernardo Perez
Jim Scanlon (Board)
Sally Yount

Development Committee
provides counsel regarding museum-wide initiatives that reflect community needs and cultural interests.

Bill Kearney, Chair (Board)
Linda Dullam
Spencer Garrett
Cheryl Heitmann
Kate McLean (Board)
Esther Wachtell

Advisory Committees

considers potential collections and deaccessions of history related materials.

Alice Sweetland, Chair
Janette Juaregui
Maggie Kimball
Gabriella Navarro-Busch (Board)
Vivian Nelson
Tom Pecht (Board)
Sara Jane Underwood
Ruth Taylor Kilday, Interim Secretary
Ben Todd
Julie Tumamait-Stenslie
Gary Wolfe
Steve Donovan

Agriculture Advisory
and Farm Implements
advises in the operation of the Agriculture Museum (Ag Museum) and for the development and maintenance of the farm implement collection.

Ag Advisory:
John Lamb, Chair
Yissel Barajas (Board)
Bill Bowie
Susan Brown
Jim Finch
Gordon Kimball
John Krist
Leslie Leavens (Board)
Richard Pidduck
Edgar Terry

Farm Implements:
Bill Bowie, Co-chair
Steve Donovan
Jim Kirkpatrick
Neale McNutt
Susan Peterson
Michael Peterson
Ed Russell

Docent Volunteer
provides volunteer services to the Museum.

Kathy Abbott-Mayer
Judi Waters Allen
Mimi Allin
Jane Blackman
Joanne Bowie 
Cherie Brant
Gerry Browning 
Linn Butler
Joyce Cantrell
Glenda Cardona
Connie Casavan 
Betsy Chess (Board)
Roberta Cordell
Bob Delaney
Barbara Dupree
Linda Hadlen
Jack Hewson
Barbara Hilburn 
Kay Hill 
Royce Hill
Marilyn Hilton 
Judy Hodson
Jeanne Hunt
Linda Kimbrough
Robin Lamar
Barbara Laubacher 

Andy Ludlum
Marcia Marcus
Pat Masterson
Suzy Melonas
Teddi Morris
Vivian Nelson
Barbara Niles
Merle Oberg
Kris Olson 
Jeanne Pruitt
Sandra Sanders
Joyce Schoppe 
Louise Sharp
Karilyn Steward
Mary Stewart
Barbara Topping
Marian Totheroh
Robert Tovias
Sandra Tovias
Carole Van Orsdol
Linda Velthoen
Mary Volpe
Peggy Watson
Tessa Weeks
Dotty Wheeler
Sylvia Wikholm
Alberta Word

Fine Arts
promotes interest, appreciation, education and research in art through exhibits, collection, conservation, and preservation of fine and decorative art for the edification of the Museum audience.

Linda Edison, Chair
Bobbi Dufau, Vice Chair
Pam Small, Secretary
Nina Butler, Treasurer
Linda Kelly
Carolyn Menne
Martha Spriggs
Leslie Leavens (Board)
Susan Pinkerton

Historical Advisory Committee
provides input into the Museum’s project to relate the full history of the County, from all peoples’ perspectives.

Dr. Richard Rush, Chair
Dr. Frank Barajas
Linda Bentz
Amber de la Cruz
Dr. Colleen Delaney
David Fukutomi
Dr. David Garcia
Dr. Herb Gooch
Jeff Maulhardt
Julie Tumamait

Innovation Committee
explores opportunities to expand and enhance the museum’s programming, educational offerings and use of technology, advise staff in the development of new programs, and assist in outreach to diverse audiences.

Yissel Barajas, Chair
Joshua Chancer
Rebecca Chandler
Kevin Clerici
Patricia Crosby
Mary DiCesare
Cheryl Heitmann
David Fukutomi (Board)
Carmen Nichols
Brian Paumier
Banks Pecht
Raphael Perea de la Cabada
Marieanne Quiroz
Sabrena Rodriguez
John Silva
Yessica Torres
David Yoshitomi
Lucas Zucker

Latino Advisory
provides counsel regarding museum-wide initiatives that reflect community needs and cultural interests.

Vanessa Acosta
Dr. Jóse Alamillo
Julio Alcala
Dr. Tomás Almaguer
Jessica Arciniega
Dr. Frank Barajas
Eric Boys
Lyzette Cornejo
Jorge Corralejo
Vanessa Robledo-Garcia
Dr. María Munguía
Cliff Rodrigues
George Sandoval
Josue Vasquez
Dr. Roberto Vargas