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Not just for this year, but forever.

Planned gifts help support the Endowment Fund, which has long been the financial driver for the Museum’s budget and has allowed the institution to flourish. The principal of the Endowment Fund is invested to increase over time, and the Museum uses the income it produces to support its general operations and innovative, multidisciplinary programming. Your gift can also support the Museum of Ventura County’s general operation or be applied to particular programs or acquisitions.

Gifts of Securities

A gift of long-term appreciated securities may provide a preferred tax advantage to the donor by deducting the fair market value of the gift and avoiding capital gains.

Gifts by Trusts + Estates

The Museum encourages donors to consider establishment of trusts or endowments that will further the Museum’s work through provisions that provide for periodic payments of income to the Museum. All income paid to the Museum is free of income tax.


A bequest can take the form of any of the above ways of giving. It provides a lasting investment in the future.

Edith Hobson Hoffman Society

In the early 2000s, the Museum developed The Heritage Society, a planned giving program, designed to assist as many people as possible in remembering the Museum in their estate planning. This kind of program is common in Museums. It is a way for individuals to make special provisions in their estate planning to help assure the future of the Museum, after they have taken care of their first priority, their family and friends.

The Museum’s Heritage Society was created to enable our supporters to utilize tax-advantageous gift planning, to give significantly to the Museum, while thinking about the things that will help sustain what they love most about the institution.

In July 2018, the Museum held a members only luncheon for the Heritage Society and it was at this event that a name change was announced, honoring the long legacy of generosity and community minded spirit of Edith Hobson Hoffman. During the luncheon, Research Library and Archives Director Deya Terrafranca presented the history of Mrs. Hoffman’s philanthropy and community involvement and Mrs. Hoffman’s granddaughter Andrea Pfister shared personal remembrances of her grandmother’s kindness, generosity, and love of family.

The Museum is honored to have been given permission from Mrs. Hoffman’s family to rename the society in her honor. The legacy of planned gifts will continue to ensure the future of the Museum that Mrs. Hoffman dedicated so much time and so many resources to preserving and helping to prosper. Click here to read historical information regarding Mrs. Hoffman’s contributions to the Museum.

If you are interested in remembering the Museum in your trust or estate, contact Eric Knight or Scott Gordon in the Development Office at 805-653-0323 x330. You do not need to be wealthy to leave a legacy, as there are many options for planned giving to the Museum of Ventura County. It can be as simple as naming the Museum of Ventura County, in your will, with a gift of $1,000 and above, as a beneficiary. If you have not done so, it is a simple process to amend your current will/estate plan. You then notify the Museum by calling the Development Office at 805-653-0323 x330 and requesting a membership form.

Edith Hobson Hoffman Society Benefits

In addition to potential tax benefits, Edith Hobson Hoffman Society members also receive special Museum benefits that include:

  • An attractive pin symbolizing their support for the Museum through their membership in the Society.
  • A special invitation to the annual Society Members only reception at the Museum. Each reception will feature a prominent speaker, artist, or historian.
  • Permanent recognition as an Edith Hobson Hoffman Society member in the Museum, and on all Society invitations.

Examples of ways you may make a charitable donation through planned giving and become an Edith Hobson Hoffman Society member:

  • Include a gift to the Museum of Ventura County in your will or revocable trust. You may wish to leave the Museum a bequest for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Your gift could include cash, stock, bonds, or personal property. The Museum of Ventura County could also be named to receive the remainder of your estate or as a contingent beneficiary, if other beneficiaries do not survive you. Your estate receives a charitable deduction for your bequest to the Museum of Ventura County.
  • Designate the Museum of Ventura County as a beneficiary in your retirement plan. Retirement plan assets may be subject to very high taxation rates at your death. Designating the Museum to receive retirement plan assets can provide an important gift at considerable tax savings.
  • Name the Museum of Ventura County as a beneficiary or owner of an existing life insurance policy or purchase a new policy to benefit the Museum.
  • Establish a life-income trust that enables you to receive income for life while making a gift to the Museum of Ventura County. This type of planned gift allows you to obtain an income tax deduction, reduce your estate taxes, and protect your financial security during your lifetime.
  • Assign tax-advantaged gifts of securities, property, or art to be made over time, during your lifetime.
  • Designate a gift of art that the Museum of Ventura County has agreed to accept.

We encourage you to join the Edith Hobson Hoffman Society and help sustain the financial foundation of the Museum of Ventura County for generations to come. Development Director Eric Knight would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding planned gifts to the Museum of Ventura County and membership in the Edith Hobson Hoffman Society.

For more information, e-mail Development Director Eric Knight at