Art can be described as the expression of human creativity and imagination. However, that can be many different things. Art can be music, dance, paintings, fashion, or any other number of things.

Every person can find a style of art they like. It is helpful to be able to describe what you like or do not like about a work of art. The “Elements of Art” are the building blocks that help people to talk about what they notice in an artwork.

We invite you to take view the following slideshow to learn about some of the Elements of Art and the famous artists who use them in their creations.

Focus on the Masters: Learning to See

Featuring the work of 3 Ventura County Artists:

The Museum of Ventura County is committed to celebrating local art and artists. In order to learn more about local artists, we also invite you to explore the Focus on the Masters “Learning to See Gallery” available here:

Featured Artists

Porfirio Gutiérrez is a natural dye and textile artist whose colorful loom weavings reflect multiple generations of family history.  Website:

Christine Morla, head of the Studio Art Program and Professor of Art at Oxnard College, is an installation artist whose works incorporate paper, weaving and found materials. Website:

BiJian Fan is a cutting-edge sculptor with a scientific influence who works with paper, metal, polymers and more. Website:

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