Open Volunteer Positions

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Complimentary Curator led tour and professional orientation
  • Museum Individual/Family Membership after 40 hours
  • Museum Membership upgrade to Associate, free admission to more than 1,000 participating NARM museums after 60 hours
  • Journal of Ventura County History after 100 hours
  • Complimentary event tickets, when available
  • Discount/free admission to ticketed events
  • 10% discount in museum gift shop
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Access to lectures and classes when available
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Become a Volunteer!

Are you interested in history, art, or culture? Do you want to give back to your community? The Museum of Ventura County is currently seeking new volunteers. Volunteers support every department at the Museum of Ventura County, from greeting visitors and hanging exhibitions to helping with educational tours and doing research in the library.

This support is essential to the museum’s ongoing operation. But it’s more than that – the knowledge and expertise of our volunteers and Docents enriches and deepens the impact of the museum’s programs, educational tours, and exhibits. Volunteers help create memorable experiences for our community, help find answers to difficult questions, and inspire the next generation of Ventura County history and art lovers!

Volunteer opportunities are available at both the Main Street Ventura Museum and the Ag Museum in Santa Paula in the following areas:

  • Educational Tours
  • Visitor Services
  • Special Events
  • Exhibits Cataloging
  • Collections Programming
  • Research Library

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or intern at the Museum in Ventura or the Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula, you can download our Volunteer Application PDF or contact our team at 805.653.0323

Docent Volunteer Council

Docents have been the backbone of Museum operations since 1975. Docents were then and are now essential to the museum’s operation. They participate in cataloguing, research, curatorial efforts, library operation, school tours, and exhibits creation and construction. Every year, docents collectively log tens of thousands of hours. Docents engage in a training program that delves into the history of the County and the Museum. The training process prepares participants to work in all aspects of the Museum’s operations. For more information on this training and joining the Docent Volunteer Council, fill out our Volunteer Application and note DVC as one of your interests.

The Museum Thanks Our Volunteers

Volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to for a cause you consider good.

Dedicated docents and volunteers have been bringing passion and skills to our Museum for 43 years. Having developed the core mission of the Museum in 1975, they continue to support library operations, school tours, curatorial efforts, and exhibit preparation and construction. Their interface with Museum visitors creates an enriched and memorable experience.

Over the past two years they have been at the heart of supporting a reinvented Museum by rethinking products and services to improve our economic position and to remain competitive in the market place. In this climate of change the role of volunteers has become increasingly important in our Ventura community. Our volunteer workforce is meeting that challenge. Thank you, docents and volunteers.

Alberta Word (D)
Alex Navarro
Alisa Pettit Padilla
Andy Ludlum (D)
Ann Huston
Barbara Dupree (D)
Barbara Hilburn (D)
Barbara Laubacher (D)
Barbara Niles (E)
Barbara Topping (D)
Betsy Chess (Board)
Bob Delaney (D)
Carole Van Orsdol (D)
Cherie Brant (D)
Connie Casavan (D)
Dave Norman
Dotty Wheeler (E)
Gerry Browning (D)
Glenda Cardona (D)
Jack Hewson (E)
Jane Blackman (D)

Jeanne Hunt (D)
Jeanne Pruitt (E)
Jim Holden
Joanne Bowie (E)
Joyce Cantrell (E)
Joyce Schoppe (D)
Judi Waters Allen (D)
Judy Hodson (D)
Karilyn Steward (D)
Kathy Abbott-Mayer (E)
Kathy Franklin
Kathy Shearer
Kay Hill (E)
Kris Olson (D)
Laurie Dunning
Linda Hadlen (D)
Linda Kimbrough (D)
Linda Velthoen (E)
Linn Butler (D)
Louise Sharp (E)
Lynne Hofflund

Marcia Marcus (E)
Marian Totheroh (E)
Marilyn Hilton (D)
Mark Capehart
Mary Stewart (D)
Mary Volpe(D)
Merle Oberg (D)
Mimi Allin (D)
Pat Masterson (E)
Peggy Watson (E)
Robert Tovias (D)
Roberta Cordell (D)
Robin Lamar (D)
Royce Hill (D)
Sandra Sanders (D)
Sandra Tovias (D)
Suzy Melonas (D)
Sylvia Wikholm (E)
Teddi Morris (E)
Tessa Weeks (E)
Vivian Nelson (D)

(D) – Docent | (E) – Docent Emeritus