Kids Help Plant
Gardens of Victory!

During WWII most of the country’s resources went directly to support troops in the war effort. Sometimes this meant that fresh fruit or vegetables were sent directly to military troops. To ensure that families at home had enough produce to eat at home, citizens were encouraged to plant “Victory Gardens”.

They were called “Victory Gardens” because they would help the United States win the war. Children of all ages helped to grow plants and were an important part of helping the war effort at home. – America’s Patriotic Victory Gardens (Article)

UC Master Gardener Program – Victory Gardens in WWII (Web Article)

Victory Garden (Video Clip)–4mins.

Gardens of Victory (ca. 1943)–8mins.

During this time of being “safe-at-home” we encourage you to plant your “Victory Garden” with any materials you can find around the house. An old shoe, a plastic bottle, a tin can, or anything you can find can all be turned into a planter!

Find some about inventive planters here:

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Plant your Victory Garden

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