Carmen Ramirez Remembrance Collection

Written stories, photographs, audio recordings, videos, posters, and artwork are all welcome to be added to the online archive.

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Color photo of home made face masks.

Covid-19 Rapid Response Collecting

Share your photos. Share your story. The Museum is collecting materials documenting the response of our community to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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Stories from Covid-19

See how others in the community are documenting their life during the pandemic and what is being submitted in support of the museum’s Rapid Response Collecting project.

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Black and white photo of family.

Family History Project

Take research into your own hands and investigate your family’s history. Participate in the Ventura County Family History Project today by following these simple steps.

Investigate Your Family History

2020 Protest Collecting

Share your photos. Share your story. The Museum’s goal is to document the community’s response during this historic moment for future generations.

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