This artificial Christmas tree was used as a store prop by the old Montgomery Wards store when it was located on Main Street in Ventura. It was found behind the store after Christmas, tossed out with other decorations, by two youngsters: David Drapeau and Don Armistead. The tree found a new home with the Drapeau family and was used for many years.

David Drapeau was the son of Judge Louis Drapeau, appointed to the Superior Court in 1937, then in 1949 to the Appellate Court. The first judge from Ventura County to be appointed to the Court of Appeals.

What type of Christmas tree do you have on display in your living rooms this year — 8ft of 2ft? Artificial or Douglas Fir or Flocked? Let’s see some photos of your festive trees on full display 👇 in the comments!

Accession #2011-14.1.

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