“In Their Footsteps” is the second group exhibit of The Collage Lab, based in Ventura, California. It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, legalizing the vote for women. The collection reflects each artist’s thoughts about this historic shift in our nation’s democracy.  

The Collage Lab was begun in 2014 by members of the Buenaventura Art Association who wanted an informal opportunity to experiment in collage and mixed media. We began meeting once a month to set creative challenges, share ideas, demonstrate techniques, visit galleries, and of course have lunch. The Collage Lab’s first group exhibit was called “Sticking Together” and was shown in September 2018 as the grand re-opening exhibit for the Buenaventura Art Association’s location in the Bell Arts Factory. “Sticking Together” was also shown by request of the Santa Clarita Arts Commission at the Old Town Newhall Library June-October 2019.  

Collage is from the French verb “coller,” to glue — a pictorial art form that can include paper and many other materials. We enjoy experimenting and exploring the possibilities of the medium. Many of our group members are not primarily collage artists but were curious about it and interested in exploring in a supportive and fun environment. We have printmakers, painters, quilters, photographers, weavers, stone sculptors, graphic designers, encaustic painters, watercolorists – you name it.

We bring these interests and abilities together in our work for the group, sharing what we know as we go. It not only urges us to create ‘out of the box’ but we have a lot of laughter and mutual appreciation as well.
Please enjoy the fruits of our creative adventures.

For a closer look, visit the virtual exhibit of In Their Footsteps: Women’s Votes Matter.

Buenaventura Art Association: The Collage Lab

In Their Footsteps: Women’s Votes Matter
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the passing

of the 19th Amendment legalizing the Vote for Women.

Participating Artists:

Janet Black
Karen L. Brown
Virginia Buckle

Tasia Erickson
Karen Hoffberg
Joyce Lombard

Darlene Roker
Mary Kolada Scott
Janna Valenzuela