Many recognize Bob Eubanks as a TV personality and game show host, best known for hosting the explosively popular “The Newlywed Game.” In this fun evening, you will learn so much more about Bob, including the little-known story of how meeting the Beatles helped launch his career, and all the twists and turns that recently earned him a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award.

What you may not know is that in 1964 Bob Eubanks was a bright-eyed and increasingly popular DJ in Southern California when the opportunity of a lifetime popped up. Did he want to be the concert promotor at the legendary Hollywood Bowl to present a hot new group from Liverpool who were about to embark on their first tour of America?  You bet he did! But there was one big problem: they demanded a huge chunk of upfront money to clinch the deal–and Eubanks didn’t have that kind of cash. So he gambled. He persuaded a bank to get a massive loan on his home to promote a rock group from England no one had ever seen live! He did it, and the rest is history. The rock group was the Beatles–and Eubanks –like the Beatles became a legend in his own right!

In this live event, Bob Eubanks reveals how he became a legend in his own right, his charmed life and career, and how meeting The Beatles helped make it all possible.

For some context on the cultural impact of the Beatles coming to the United States, watch the video here. This was shown before Bob Eubanks took to the stage: Beatles: CBS Sunday Evening News Report on Beatle Invasion

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