The Museum is partnering with local colleges to request submissions for paid internships for the Fall 2020 semester. Applications will be evaluated by museum staff and a panel of 3 history faculty from area colleges and universities. Students will each be responsible for one original research article 2,200 to 3,500 words in length covering a topic related to groups underrepresented in current local historical writing. The student must secure an academic advisor for the project who is willing to act as project mentor. In order to apply, students should prepare the following:

  1. Research Proposal
    The proposal should be no more than 300 words and should include:
    • Your topic and the need for studying it. Specifically note any known research on your topic. Topics should relate to underrepresented groups.
    • The sources critical to your proposed research, demonstrating that they are adequate for your project.
    • Discuss the issues and questions which you foresee your paper addressing.
  2. Current Resume
  3. Letter of Agreement and Recommendation from Project Mentor
  4. Recent School Transcript with full legal name on it (unofficial transcripts will be accepted)

Examples of appropriate topics include stories of immigration, migration, segregation, labor and entrepreneurial trends:

  • Patterns of Mexican American immigration and settlement in Ventura County from 1900 to 1930
  • The Bracero Program
  • Philippine Immigration to Ventura County in the early 1900s


Interested candidates must be enrolled in a degree granting program at the time of their internship and selected interns will need to provide a letter from their school verifying enrollment.

  • Selected interns must submit to a full background check.
  • Internships are positions with the minimum requirement of 15 hours per week for 8 to 12 weeks. However, not being able to work within these parameters will not exclude a potential applicant from being considered. 
  • Stipends will be paid for this Historical Research Internship.  5 stipends for $2000 each are available.

The Application Process

Please submit all application materials in PDF or Word format (no other formats will be accepted) to Deya Terrafranca at

This opportunity application period opens June 15th and closes July 15th. All interns will be selected and notified by August 15th, 2020. This opportunity is part of the Museum of Ventura County’s Art and History Stimulus Initiative, a series of activities designed to financially support student historians and local artists during the uncertain times created by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Fall Application period opens – 6/25/2020
  • Deadline to submit proposals – 7/15/2020
  • Proposals selected and notified – 8/15/2020
  • Articles due – 12/15/20

Application Checklist:

  1. Research Proposal – no more than 300 words, including topic, need, sources, and issues and questions to be addressed.
  2. Current Resume
  3. Letter of Agreement and Recommendation from Project Mentor
  4. Recent School Transcript with full legal name on it (unofficial transcripts will be accepted)

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Deya Terrafranca
Research Library and Archives Director
T: 805.653.0323 ext. 320

Future Application Periods:

Spring Application period opens: 9/15/2020
Deadline to submit proposals – 11/15/2020
Proposals selected and notified – 12/15/2020 
Articles due – 5/15/21

Summer Application period opens: 2/15/2020
Deadline to submit proposals – 4/15/2020
Proposals selected and notified – 5/15/2020 
Articles due – 8/15/21