About the Figures

Internationally renowned for their exquisite detail and historical accuracy, the George Stuart Historical Figures® represent important personalities of many historical periods.

Along with American founders and patriots, groups of figures illustrate French, English, Russian, Chinese and Italian history and the conquest of the Americas.

The Museum Collection

In 1979, Mr. Stuart donated 200 Historical Figures® to the Museum of Ventura County, and in 2010 the museum commissioned him to create the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.

Exhibitions and Monologues

To date, more than four hundred George Stuart Historical Figures® have been exhibited at this Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Ojai Valley Museum, The Mini-Time Machine: A Museum of Miniatures, and in private collections.

Exhibited on uninterrupted rotation at the Museum since 1979, these sculptural portraits illustrate George Stuart’s often irreverent and always entertaining historical monologues that he delivers on a regular basis at the Museum as well as upon special request.

For a book and DVDs on the George Stuart Historical Figures® and monologues, go to our Museum Store located at the Museum or visit The Historical Figures® of George Stuart website.

For more information about the exhibits or monologues at the Museum, contact: Anna Bermudez at 805.653.0323 x302

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