We’re joining in on the #CuratorBattle and sharing the #CreepiestObject from our museum’s collection. Museums across the country are sharing their creepiest objects on social media, and while we also have our share of seemingly haunted dolls, floral wreaths made of human hair, and the like, this two headed lamb is our most unusual item. 

The rare phenomenon of animals being born with two heads is considered in many cultures to be a portent of disaster. Whether this lamb was an omen of bad things to come to the Sexton family is unknown. Needless to say, the old Accessions card reads:

“Monstrosity born on Sexton Ranch” with no other explanation.

This two-headed lamb born in 1928 in Sexton Canyon, up the hill from Victoria Avenue in Ventura, sadly died shortly after birth.

Adding to the creep factor with this artifact in our collection is the fact that visitors to the museum back in the day were allowed to “pet” the lamb.  Not only was it creepy but also dangerous as taxidermists used arsenic as a preservative and the fine white dust that remained on many specimens was toxic. 

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Two Headed Lamb
Accession #1928-15.1MVC Mounted Animal Collection
Walter Sexton, donor

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