This holiday weekend brought crowds to Ventura County just as restaurants were rushing to create a new footprint in their establishments to adhere to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines. Whether it’s putting up plexi barriers or seating stuffed capybaras at every other table, restaurants are getting creative. Covid-19 may change how we eat out but not the fact that we enjoy dine-in restaurants.

When Celia V. Jimenez opened La Casa Mañana Restaurant in Santa Paula in 1960, she had no need to social distance her patrons. As long as there was room for servers to get by to set plates and drinks on the table, there was room for all.

La Casa Mañana was the place to see and be seen in the 60’s as restaurant patrons came from Fillmore, Ventura and beyond for Mexican food served in a romantic setting that was all the rage in that era. From red orange Eames scoop chairs and slick Formica-topped tables, to wrought iron chandeliers and lanterns, the decor set the ambiance for the delicious Mexican food served in its dining room. La Casa Mañana: a blast from the past!

What was your go-to restaurant for a romantic or special dinner out?

Casa Mañana Restaurant, interior
Santa Paula MVC Library Collection  #20747PC

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