Just last week the Dodgers began the season playing a home game without fans against the Giants as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. As do many other teams, the Dodgers remain optimistic that they might play in front of fans later in the season.

Fans are a huge morale boost for players. A good fan base stands behind their team no matter what. They let them know they got their backs even when things aren’t going great.

Baseball in Ventura County was an event that brought together all members of the community to support the local teams. Before the era of television, baseball games were the best entertainment for families. Games were generally played on local fields after Sunday church services and involved family and neighbors as they gathered to enjoy the game, socialize and play. Food and snacks made the game more enjoyable as they were either brought from home or purchased from vendors. Local teams enjoyed the support of the community as they rallied during games and often reflected on the pride that the community had on its teams. As a result, many children who attended with their families picked up the game and later joined the local teams to play.

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