Monday, January 9 at 11 am “Archaeological Findings on San Nicolas Island
Including Artifacts of the Lone Woman”

By Steven Schwartz, Retired Naval Archaeologist and Historian

Presented by the Docent Council of the Museum of Ventura County

Historian Steven Schwartz tells the secrets and legends of San Nicolas Island as no one else can. As the US Navy’s sen-ior archaeologist on the Channel Islands for twenty-five years, Steve’s excavations and discoveries lead him to artifacts of the legendary Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island. Steve’s talk will recap what is known of the true story behind the award-winning children’s book Island of the Blue Dolphins, based on the true story of a Native American woman left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island in the mid-1800s. He will present the latest archival and archaeological findings, including the remarkable discovery of a long-sought-after cave that was likely the home of the “lone woman.”

Schwartz’ his talk will make clear the distinctions between the popular versions of the story and what we actually know; un-tangling the legend from the provable facts.

Join us for this free and informative lecture series