A virtual adaptation of
In the Spirit of Our Ancestors

This tour is dedicated to the Chumash people native to Southern California. It is a 3rd-5th grade tour exploring the history of the Chumash people in Ventura County. Students will learn about Chumash material culture and lifeways, as well as explore the natural resources used for food, clothing, tools, and medicine.

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To Register for a Virtual Tour:

Our tour availability can be viewed on the calendar below. Fill out a registration form and email to education@venturamuseum.org.

  • Zoom tours can accommodate up to 90 students, and are available for a class, or a section of classes from the same school. These 45-minute tours include the video/audio function and time for questions and answers. Please review the calendar for Zoom tour availability on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.