In collaboration with the Ventura County Chinese American Association, the Museum is pleased to share with you Courage & Contribution, a documentary film showcasing the contributions of the Chinese American community in Ventura County. For over 150 years, Chinese Americans have been an integral part of Ventura County culture. Watch the documentary below!

Local historian Linda Bentz wrote in her 2011 Journal of Ventura County History titled Hidden Voices: The Chinese in Ventura County that “Chinese pioneers are indelibly linked to the history of our county. They helped to build the infrastructure of the emerging county and labored in the nascent agricultural industry. Their lives are intermingled with the host community and they brought character and diversity to frontier towns in Ventura county. Their contributions cannot be denied.” 

The Courage & Contribution documentary features 19th century Chinese immigration stories and important 20th century history. Descendants of some of the first immigrants share first-hand accounts of their families and their experiences growing up in Ventura County. It highlights contributions of Chinese agricultural workers and merchants, Chinese fire companies and the story of Bill Soo Hoo of Oxnard, the first Chinese mayor elected in US history. In addition to viewing the film, you can also purchase digital copies of Bentz’s Journal through the Amazon kindle store here.

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